"I would like to thank you for conducting the "Calling the MAYDAY" training drill at the Albany International Airport. The training was an important aspect of firefighter safety and training that a lot of firefighters don't have the opportunity to receive.
     All of the Airport firefighters along with the firefighters from other area departments that took the training, had nothing but positive things to say about it. Many who have been on the job for over 20 years stated that they never had training like this or experienced anything like that on the job. It was apparent by the expressions on the firefighter's faces, that this training was not only a wake up call, but it was a good experience. I was working the last prop and after the firefighters picked them selves up after falling through the floor, they said, "That was GREAT!"
     You are to be commended for your professionalism in your presentation and the encouragement shown to the firefighters as they worked to get through the course. Committing your own time and money to make these props and making sure as many firefighters in the area as possible receive this training was above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you again for offering this training to the members of my department."

-David Cook, Fire Chief - Albany International Airport

   "Being the son of a firefighter LODD, I've always been more cautious and second guess myself in interior fire situations. After taking Instructor Paris' "MAYDAY" class, I have a renewed confidence in myself to stay calm, call for help and escape certain situations that I could, if panicked, endanger my life or the lives of my brothers. I strongly encourage other departments or groups to enroll in this class and learn the methods that could save your lives."

-Lt. Adam Myers, Schuyler Hose Company & USAF FF


     "I would like to thank you and the personnel that assisted you in conducting the "Calling the MAYDAY" training at the Albany International Airport ARFF Facility. Both the classroom and practical sessions allowed members of the Watervliet Arsenal Fire Department to realize the importance of this type of training. All the Arsenal Fire Department personnel came away with a more confident feeling, should this type of emergency happen to them. Personally knowing the firemen that called the MAYDAY in the Town of Colonie on July 4th 2009, it was reassuring to know that one had recently attended a similar training session prior, and the results were that everyone went home. Bottom line: that is what we train for.  As stated before, I have complete confidence that the members of the Watervliet Arsenal FD will be and are prepared to handle this situation should it arise.

Thanks again and I hope that more training of this type is available to my department and any other department in the state for that matter."
-Kim Polcare, Chief - Watervliet Arsenal Fire Department

     " Thank you for setting up such a valuable training class for us. Chief Paris did an excellent job with the presentation, and the rest of the staff coaching us through the obstacles was great. This is definitely the kind of training we need in today's fire service. The idea that we can learn from (MAYDAY) incidents in the past and and train to prevent ourselves from being involved in such an incident is a blessing. Chief Paris and the other staff members did an excellent job at providing a good atmosphere in which to learn. My self confidence in my abilities and equipment have definitely improved by taking this class. I would highly recommend this training to any department. I came to this class with a positive attitude and wanted to learn something new, I was not let down. Thank you again for this opportunity, and a big thanks to Chief Paris for the time he spent giving us this valuable training."

-A1C West - USAF ANG,  Scotia, NY

     "Jerry, I just wanted to say thank you for a great day of training and education. Many of the firefighters who took the class are still talking about it. It not only brought awareness but confidence out in some people. I look forward to having this class every year as a refresher. Your assistants were very professional also."

-Dominic Pasinella Jr.

     "I just took the Calling the Mayday class today. I'm feeling alot right now. I am exhausted, I'm definately more educated and very thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from VERY qualified and great Instructors. I'm a bit of a larger guy ... and what I got out of that situation was that I need to be more confident in my ability to do things. Being a larger person is not an excuse, and I need to stay calm. I can do it! I really enjoyed the videos and got alot out of them... This class was excellent. I'm very glad to have the knowledge now and look forward to passing it on to my Department. I Highly recommend this class. Thanks guys you did an excellent job!!"

-Kerry Storm II, Assistant Chief, Pleasant Dale FD

     "Chief, First and foremost I want to thank you and Chief Geary for the time and effort you put into class today, and for helping me work through my obstacle. Most people, have in the past, just made attempts to push me through to where I was not getting the full benefit of each evolution. The past two classes I attended (Cofidence and Survival) have given me a great wealth of knowledge that I will carry with me through my career."

-Eric Moffre

"Chief I just wanted to say THANKS for the training you provied to my people on CALLING THE MAYDAY at the AIRPORT FD. We all do alot of training, but unfortunately at times it's hard to keep the attention of the firefighters. That was not the case with your class from start to finish. What was interesting to me was my officers and firefighters went back and talked about your class for days. I can honestly say your class has helped make my department more confident in this area. And more importantly SAFER. Again Thank you and keep up the good work."

-Chief Don Clickner - Watervliet Fire

     "The training today was great. We need to do more like that to keep our younger guys going and us old dogs in check with reality. Chief Paris and is crew kept us motivated and made it fun at the same time. I hope he comes to teach at my other department!"

-TSGT. E. Kuhl - USAF ANG,  Scotia, NY

     "I would like to take this oppourtunity to thank you for the excellent presentation that you and your instructors put on this past weekend. As one of the originators of the FAST concept in the Town of Colonie and on the development team for the original New York State FAST course, I found your techniques much more user friendly and more functional than what was originally developed more than ten years ago. It was a benefit to the Town of Colonie fire service to be able to practice these techniques in an enjoyable training environment
     I look forward to any other training programs that you are able to provide to keep our firefighters on the cutting edge of new training evolutions.
     Again, thank you for your service to the firefighters and fire officers of the Fuller Road Fire Department"

-Kevin Terry, Chief of Department - Fuller Road Fire Department

     "I believe that this is one of the most useful class that I have taken, being both a military and a volunteer firefighter. My father put over 10 years in as a paid Captain for the Albany Airport, and he lived by the quote, "May no mans ghost come back to haunt them, knowing their training has failed them." This quote should be based on the training we learned today."

-A1C Marchand - USAF ANG, Scotia, NY